How to Get a Google Voice Number

Google Voice creates a phone number through a Google Account that can be used for all your phones, with voicemail, texting, free long distance calls in the US, and cheap international calls all from your computer or mobile device.

1. Go to here and click Create an Account. If you already have an account, login with your email address.

2. Choose between using a number you already have or creating a new number.

3. a) To create a new number, enter an area code you would like to have, and possible numbers to include in the number.

b) An example of a search for a number. Select the favored number and click Continue.

4. Create a four digit number that you can easily remember to access your voicemail through another phone.

5. Add a preexisting number that you want to ring when your Google Voice number is called.

6. A recorded message will call the number you already have. Enter the verification code.

7. Click Finish to proceed.

8. Enjoy Google Voice by making calls or sending text messages by clicking the buttons on the top left side of the screen with your new number, shown on the top right of the screen.