How to disable pop ups in internet explorer

How to Disable Pop Ups in Internet Explorer

Why Block Pop-Ups?

Pop-ups are often very annoying and can be dangerous. Some can be pornographic or link to pornography. Some pop-ups are scams that will offer free stuff in return for your email, name and other personal information. There are even some pop-ups that are meant to look like your anti-virus software sending you a message but in reality are viruses themselves. For these reasons it's best to leave pop-ups disabled.

How does it Work?

Internet Explorer comes with an internal Pop-up Blocker. When a website attempts to pop-up a window, Internet Explorer can block it. Some websites have good pop-ups that you may want to see. Internet Explorer will warn you when it blocks a pop-up in case you want to allow it. Also, depending on settings, the Pop-up Blocker will allow pop-ups from trusted sites.

How to Ensure Pop-up Blocker is Enabled

  1. Open up Tools
  2. Click Internet Options
  3. Navigate to the Privacy tab
  4. Check to make sure "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" is checked
  5. Click on "Settings" to the right to manage exceptions and tolerance

Test It

Go to There you can test the Pop-up Blocker. There are lots of links for different types of pop-ups. Testing it is there is a safe way to know your blocker is working.

I'm Still Getting Pop-ups!

Check the Pop-up Blocker's Settings; it may be allowing certain sites. If that does not work, it is possible that you have software on your computer that is opening pop-up windows. See Adware.