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How to Create a LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a popular Social Networking site that is aimed at helping professionals connect on the internet. LinkedIn can be a very helpful site for teens and adults. Here's instructions on how to set up your own account.

(1)First, go to to get started. You will see a box that says 'Join LinkedIn Today'. Enter the information asked for and click the 'Join Now' button. Don't worry, you'll still be able to edit account information on following pages


(2) Next, enter the requested personal information to set up your professional profile


(3)Next, enter your email password to invite people you know through your email contact list. This step is optional, but may be helpful in your use of LinkedIn.


(4)Then, depending on your email provider, you must verify your email account or respond to an email verification email. By verifying your account, you give LinkedIn access to your contact list, but you still make decisions on if you want to use the contact list to find people on linked in. You may be asked again to do this, but remember, it is optional.



(5)Now your account is set up! Be sure to choose your account type (paid or not). You can skip this step now, or upgrade in the future if you so desire. Check out LinkedIn's features to decide which option fits you best.


Now, you're completely finished! You can use the toolbar at the top of the screen to edit your profile and complete other account tasks. Take some time to check out the site and it's features, and as always, use safe internet habits while using LinkedIn.