How to Create a Google Doc

How Do I Create a Google Doc?

Google Docs are one of the many functions that Google has to offer. They are extremely useful for both school and work settings. How they work is through Gmail as one user creates the document and then shares it with other Gmail accounts via email to allow everyone invited to both see and edit the document. Google docs include word documents, presentations (like Powerpoint), spreadsheets, forms, and drawings.

Here are some steps to creating and sharing a Google Doc:

(1) Go to your Gmail account ( and sign in with your username and password. (If you don't have a Gmail account, you can follow a tutorial on how to create one here.)

(2) On the top, left hand side of the screen there will be a link called "Documents." Click on it. (If you don't see it, look to the right where it says "more" and click on that to find the link.)

(3) Now you're at the Google docs page which shows your history of shared documents. Look to the left immediately under the Google docs logo and you'll see a link that says "Create new." Click on it and it will reveal a list of options.

gdnew.jpg(4) Choose the "Document" option and a blank word document will appear. Now you can type whatever you like, whether it be notes, a study guide, a message, an outline, etc. The document will save by itself every few minutes. You can also manually save it by clicking "Save" in the upper right-hand corner. Once it's saved, you can share whatever you've typed by clicking "Share" (also in the upper right-hand corner).


(5) A box will pop up that shows who can view the document. At the bottom there will be the option of adding people. Type in the box the email addresses of those you wish to share the document with (Note: only individuals with Gmail accounts can view your document).


Now you and anyone you've invited can view and edit the Google doc. The creating and sharing works the same for the other Google options (spreadsheet, presentation, etc). Also, you can click on "Discussion" (right between "Save" and "Share") to communicate with other viewers about changes and ideas.
Welcome to the improved and efficient way of sharing documents without having to constantly email attachments or meet in groups!