How to Create a Gmail Account

How Do I Create a Gmail Account?

Google is becoming increasingly popular and widespread with its vast variety of functions. It's free email service, Gmail, is particularly easy and resourceful. It offers a variety of options as explained here. Gmail is a great way to get in contact with friends, family, professors and co-workers in an efficient manner. It consistently gets updated and holds a large storage space.

Here are some steps to creating a Gmail account for you or your child.

(1) Go to In the upper left-hand corner there will be a link called "Gmail." Click on it and it'll take you to the Google Account page. Or, you can go straight to the Gmail page by entering

(2) Look for the section to enter your username and password. Below it there is a link that says, "Create an account." Click on that and you're ready to begin!


(3) Fill out your first and last names in the first two boxes. Then decide on a Login name and type it in the third box. (Usually people insert some kind of combination of first, middle, and last names along with a favorite number. For example: mjsmith24. This login name, when added with, becomes your email address).


(4) Decide on a password. You want to make sure that your password is something that you will remember, but not too easy to guess. Here is an article that explains how to make an effective password. For your Gmail account, your password must be at least 8 characters, meaning that there must be at least 8 numbers, letters, and/or symbols in your password.


(5) Come up with a security question. In case you do forget your password. Gmail has set up a variety of security questions that you can choose from to verify your account. You can scroll down and choose one of the options provided or create your own question. Either way, after you've picked a question, type in the answer in the box below it. Also, if you have another email, put its address in the box labeled "Recovery Email." Your password will be emailed to your other account so that you can get back into your Gmail.


(6) Fill in your location (country you live in) and your birthday.


(7) Enter word verification. Under the heading, "Word Verification," there will be an oddly shaped form that consists of letters, numbers, and/or symbols that you must retype in the box below it. Do that and you only have one step left!


(8) Read the Terms of Service. Finally, there will be a "Google Terms of Service." Make sure you read this and understand the conditions that come with your new account. Once you've done that, you can click on the link that says, "I accept. Create my account" and now you have a Gmail account! Congratulations.