How to Create a Citation

When you write an article on our wiki we ask that you cite your research. You may be wondering where to put these sources. Well this article will show you what to do.

1. Take the URL where you got your research and put a bracket on each end. We'll use our URL as an example (we've left extra spaces so it doesn't turn into a link):

[ ]

2. Add a slash and a space between the end of the URL and the bracket. Then write a number representing how many sources you have in the article. (If this is the first time you've cited something you'll use the number one). Here's an example (once again we've added extra spaces by the brackets).

[ 1 ]

3. Put this link after the period of the sentence you are citing. It will turn into a link and look like this:

The Internet safety wiki is a great online resource. 1You can use it to look up articles on malware like viruses, trojan horses, and worms.2