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How to Block Flash

How to Block Flash

Blocking Flash prevents videos and some advertisements from loading automatically. This can be helpful for preventing you from seeing content you don't want to see. It can also be helpful in decreasing the amount of data your computer must transmit in order to load a page.


The FlashBlock plugin for Google Chrome replaces Flash plugins with a translucent box. This lets you know that there is Flash content on the page. If you want to view it, you simply click on the placeholder box and the Flash content will load.

The plugin also gives you options to add exceptions for certain sites. For example, you may want to disable it on YouTube, since nearly everything you do on YouTube involves Flash.


The Flashblock plugin for Firefox works similarly to the one for Google Chrome.


The ClickToPlugin extension for Safari works similarly to the one for Google Chrome. On that page, click on the "Download ClickToPlugin" link near the top of the page.


Blocking Flash in Internet Explorer is a little more complicated than just installing a plugin. Follow these instructions on how to do it.