Here it Goes Again

What is Here it Goes Again?

"Here it Goes Again" or "The Treadmill Song" is a song by the band Ok Go. This music video features the four band members pulling off an elaborately choreographed dance on six treadmills. The official YouTube music video has been viewed more than 50 million times since July of 2006.

Concerns for Parents

  • The lyrics to this song are somewhat suggestive, and there is one instance of profanity.
  • Even if you don't object to anything in this video, you should be aware that using YouTube is inherently risky. Visiting YouTube puts your kids at risk of stumbling upon inappropriate videos—even if the video they're searching for is squeaky clean.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Many Web filters block YouTube and other video hosting sites. Depending on your kids' ages and needs, you may or may not wish to leave this setting as it is.
  • A safe and fun way to enjoy wholesome online videos without running into bad ones is to keep YouTube blocked and let your kids visit the site only when you are at the computer with them. Watching funny videos together will prevent exposure to inappropriate content. Plus, it turns surfing the Web into a fun family activity.
  • Quietube can also help families use YouTube safely. Quietube allows you to watch YouTube videos on a clean white screen that's free from potentially inappropriate ads, video previews, and comments.