Guy Walks Across America

What is Guy Walks Across America?

Guy Walks Across America is a viral YouTube video of a man passing dozens of U.S. landmarks in a trek across the country. The video was made by using thousands of still shots combined with video footage. The people who made the video traveled across the nation in an RV, stopping along the way to take the needed pictures. His journey begins at New York's Brooklyn Bridge and ends by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Concerns For Parents

  • There is one instance of profanity in the lyrics of the song playing in the background. Otherwise, there is nothing most viewers would find objectionable about this video.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Though there is nothing inappropriate about this video, there are a lot of other scary videos on YouTube. Be aware that even if your child starts with an innocent video they can find inappropriate content through the site. Consider putting in a filter or watching videos with your child.

Where Can I Learn More?

Read this article from Mashable about the video.

Here's a short story about it from USA Today.