Geinimi Trojan

What is the Geinimi Trojan?

The Geinimi Trojan is a malware application that hackers can use to take over your Android smartphone. The basic idea is that a hacker will download a legitimate application from Android Market, such as a game, repackage it together with a malicious program, and then redistribute it through a third party Android applications vendor. When a user downloads the infected application package, the Geinimi Trojan takes over the phone and can make calls, place texts, or do any of a number of different things. It is possible that this kind of malware for smartphones could be used to create a Botnet.1

How Can I Protect Myself?

  • Only download apps from sources that you trust. While the Android Market is generally safe, downloading an application from a third-party source could be asking for trouble.
  • There are some good anti-malware applications available, including Lookout.