GameTrailers is a website dedicated to information on new games and the companies that create them.


GameTrailer has several video channels on its site, including:
GT Motion, a channel dedicated to the platforms that allow you to interact with games by movement, such as Playstation Move, Kinect for Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Insiders and Hosts guide you through reviews and gameplay for new and upcoming games.
Side Mission, a channel for “gaming enthusiasts”. It’s a blog and videoblog created by the GT editorial team that tracks industry news from video game makers, as well as insights and opinions on the industry. You can see a list of the staff and contributors here.

GameTrailers creates reviews for videogames. They create video reviews, as well as word reviews and rank video games against all other games they have reviewed. They allow users to comment on and rate the games under their reviews. They allow you to track specific game, so that you will be informed on new information provided about this game on the GT website. You can also find HTML in order to embed the reviews into your own sites.

Guides and cheats for games can also be found on the website on a sister site called “WikiCheats”.

Registering with GameTrailers

GameTrailers allows you to create a free standing account with them, or to connect with the site through your facebook account. In order to register, you must be 13 years of age or older and live inside the U.S. Certain portions of the site may require heightened age requirements, based on content from games rated M (For mature, 17 years old or older).
Once users are registered, they can upload videos, create blogs, and post on and create forums.

A full list of terms and conditions can be found here.

Parents; is it safe?

GameTrailers contains content from games rated Teen and Mature, and it contains content published by other users. Because of this, it runs the risk of exposing children to mature labeled content published in video games, as well as the risks posed by any other social networking site. Parents should be aware of young childrens use of the site, if they chose to allow them to use it.