Federer Trick Shot Video

What is the Federer Trick Shot Video?

While you can probably find hundreds of videos of Federer and other tennis greats pulling off incredible trick shots, this particular video was shot as part of a Gillette advertising campaign in 2010. The video quickly went viral, garnering over 1 million views on its first day on YouTube. In the video, tennis star Roger Federer stands across the room from his target and smacks a tennis ball right onto a can of pop sitting on a person's head. Immediately after the first successful try, he goes for it again and knocks a second can of pop off of the same person's head. Gillette claims that the video is real and that Federer pulled off the stunt in one take.

Concerns for Parents

  • Nothing in this video is objectionable, but unless your children are budding tennis prodigies and equip their target person with a helmet and hockey mask, you probably don't want your kids to try what this video shows at home.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • While there's nothing objectionable in this video, you may stumble across other inappropriate videos on YouTube. Make sure age-appropriate YouTube usage rules are in place in your home.

Where Can I Learn More?

Watch the video by clicking here.

Read an article about the video from the tech blog Mashable.