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Fact Monster

What is Fact Monster?

Fact Monster is an information website designed for children ages 8 to 14. It is set up as a reference site and a homework helper. Fact Monster is a part of the Family Education Network, which also supports Fact Monster features an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, and almanac. All of these resources can be accessed individually or through a combined search engine.

Fact Monster Features

Fact Monster features outside sources such as the Time for Kids Almanac, TIME Almanac with Information Please, Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Infoplease Dictionary, and Infoplease Atlas. 1

Fact Monster also has a customizable fact banner. First the children select their gender and grade. Then the banner will display age appropriate trivia as the child is browsing the site.

The information is updated on a regular basis. The frequency of updates is determined by the type of information. The site has some daily features while other information, like census materials, are updated annually.

The site is organized by categories. Fact Monster’s main categories are World, United States, People, Sports, Science, Math and Money, Word Wise, Cool Stuff, Homework Center, Games and Quizzes.

Some of their special features include a Conversion Calculator, Year by Year Events and Trivia (1900-2009), Perpetual Calendar, and Periodic Table of Elements.

Concerns for Parents

  • Fact Monster may have some ads that children may want to click on. The ads all seem to be age appropriate, but they could lead children to outside sites not reviewed or approved by Fact Monster.