Facebook vs. Myspace: Which Is Safer?


It is understandable that parents are so hesitant to let their children use the internet for the fear they may sign up with sites like Myspace. Myspace is a social networking site which started as a way for musicians and bands to create music pages and eventually became a popular choice for individuals to have personal profiles and friends. It reached its peak in the earlier 2000s and is steadily declining in popularity, losing users to sites like Facebook. Although there are privacy options available, the security of MySpace has been criticized. These security weaknesses could potentially allow personal information to be shown to the public. There have been some unfortunate cases of cyberstalking through the site, and there tends to be a general opinion that more dangerous and inappropriate activity happens on Myspace.


Facebook tends to be much safer and friendly to everyone. It's more about connecting with family and friends than anything else. It is parent friendly and even grandparent friendly! Facebook lessens the scares of connecting. Although there are still dangers if a user posts personal information, the privacy settings tend to be much more secure and customizable. Also, there has to be a mutual friendship for person’s to view each other’s pages. One must “add” another as a friend and the other must “accept” them as a friend. Only friends can view someone’s Facebook page. Many parents connect with Facebook to check up on their children. But that’s not the only reason. Parents also like to connect with their current friends and friends of the past. It is a good tool for staying in contact with people. It is also a good tool for groups, companies, stores, and advertisements for events. Also, one can see the latest updates and see what’s new. Facebook has many positive aspects. One must still be careful to ensure safety, but Facebook is an all around safe social networking site.