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What is Fabulis?

Fabulis is a new social network for gay men. The site has over 48,000 users as of July 2010, according to the site's home page. It is largely based around Facebook. The site also includes "currency" called Fabulis bits that allows users to unlock special site features. Fabulis is funded in part by the founder of GeoCities and has been praised for its intuitive and beautiful design.

Concerns for Parents?

  • This site is designed for gay men and their friends. If you are morally opposed to homosexuality, you may find the content and the premise of the entire site to be objectionable.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • You may want to block this website if you do not believe homosexual lifestyles are moral and you would prefer your child not be on this site.
  • As with all social networks, Fabulis is a place where your child could meet potentially dangerous people. Be sure your child knows not to give overly personal information out anywhere on the Web. Information such as your phone number, personal email address, school, or full name should not be made public on the Internet.

Where Can I Learn More?

Read this TechCrunch article about the site.