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Erfworld is an online comic that depicts the world inside a tabletop RPG. It's written by Rob Balter, and illustrated by Xin Ye.

It follows the life of Parson Gotti, a tabletop strategist who was sucked into the world of one of his own Wargames.

The comic uses exclusively clean language, because in the fictional realm of erfworld, all expletives are naturally replaced by the word "boop." Characters sometimes become frustrated at this strange inability to curse.

Concerns for Parents

  • Mild violence is depicted throughout the comic
  • Occasional sexual hints are alluded to

How Can I Help Keep My Child Safe?

  • Parents with younger children may want to block the website.
  • Talk to your children if they are visiting this website and tell them why some of the things they read there are inappropriate.

Where Can I Learn More?

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