Entropia Universe

What is Entropia Universe?

Entropia Universe is a 3D online multi-player video game that features a "Real Cash Economy" where virtual currency is purchased with real money. MindArk, the creators of the game, offer a currency conversion of $1 USD to 10 PED (the in-game currency), and they also allow withdrawals at the same rate. The game is marketed as a free-to-play online MMO where players have a chance to earn real money. The actual game and playtime are free of charge, but all essential items, such as armor and weapons, cost PED. MindArk have designed a few ways to earn in-game money without depositing real money, but they are difficult and time consuming.

Game Objectives

The game is very open-ended, and allows for a great deal of exploration and freedom to the player. It has a few primary activities such as hunting and crafting, but does not have a structured story or progression. Essentially all activities besides walking and chatting require resources that cost money.

Concerns For Parents

  • Children less than 18 years of age require parental consent to play the game according to the terms of service
  • In-game currency is purchased with real money, so parents should closely monitor any real money deposits into the game.
  • The game has often been compared to gambling due to the potential high cost and chance-based reward system.
  • Players may be exposed to inappropriate language or themes via chat with other players.
  • Players may also be exposed to inappropriate clothing on in-game characters due to available clothing customization options.

Where Can I Learn More?