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What are E-books?

A digital book or e-book is a digital form of a regular book that can be downloaded to a reading device such as the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and more. The readers for the digital books vary in quality, size, and price. Digital books provide an opportunity for children, as well as adults, to download a variety of electronic texts from fiction to nonfiction to textbooks. The lightweight readers helps make carrying books to school a much easier task with their small size.

Concerns for Parents

Children may read material that parents don't want them to read.

How Can I Help Keep My Child Safe?

  • Discuss with your children what is appropriate to download and read and what isn't.
  • Learn about e-readers or e-books designed specifically for kids.
  • Keep track of the account that your child has/shares. Look up account history to track purchases and downloads. If your child has your credit card information on their device, be sure to keep a close watch of downloads.

Where Can I Learn More?

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