Distant Suns

What is Distant Suns?

Have you ever looked into the night sky and wondered what constellations and planets you were gazing at? Distant Suns is an app for the iPhone that educates its users on what is in the sky. With a swipe of your finger and your phone pointed at the sky, you can discover what exactly is out there. You can locate different planets, star clusters, and galaxies whether it is night or day. Depending on the amount of light pollution, you can adjust your settings to get a clearer view of what is out there. Distant Suns costs 5.99 and is a resourceful tool for those who wish to explore space. 1


The following is a list of features offered by the Distant Suns app 2 :

  • Labels- you can see the names of the stars and planets you are looking at
  • Constellation- a list of constellations with descriptions to look for
  • Star map- based on your phone's GPS system
  • Other- a list of galaxies and star clusters

What are the Benefits?

  • A greater knowledge of our galaxy
  • A good refresher on constellations and their backgrounds
  • A fun and easy way to spend time with family outdoors

What are the Risks?

Distant Suns is meant for educational purposes and is most likely harmless. However, there are other apps that may contain questionable material and should be reviewed before use.