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The Dealmap

What is the Dealmap?


The Dealmap is an Internet site that allows one to find or add information about business deals and coupons all around the world. The Dealmap is owned and operated by the Center'd Corporation, who also own and operate the Center'd website. To find deals in your area, all you have to do is enter your area code into the search bar or use the world map on the home page.

The Dealmap lets you add discounts and offers you've found in your area. It also allows businesses to put their own deals on the site. News deals are posted daily.



The Dealmap allows you to search for deals based on various categories. These categories include restaurants, health and beauty, shopping, events and attractions, hotels, food and drugs, automotive, services, home and garden, and medical.


Dealmap allows you to receive deals not only through their website but also through a daily e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. There will also be mobile applications for different phones such as the iPhone, but these have yet to be released.

Deal Heroes


Deal Heroes are people that submit deals to the website. To become a Deal Hero, all you have to do is create an account through Facebook Connect. Then you can go ahead and post the deals you’ve found. As a sort of reward for posting deals, The Dealmap gives you points. Based on these points, you receive exclusive deals, coupons, and free items.


Businesses can add their own deals to the website as well. Their deals will instantly be distributed throughout The Dealmap's network.