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David After Dentist

What is David After Dentist?

David After Dentist is a famous YouTube video. One of the most widespread memes on the web, the YouTube video has been viewed more than 56 million times 1.

In the video, seven-year-old David DeVore has just left the dentist's office after having an extra tooth removed. His dad (also named David DeVore) filmed the moment so that his wife, a working mom, could feel like a part of the ordeal. Obviously affected by the anesthetics, the younger David asks funny questions ("Is this real life?"), makes bizarre statements ("You have four eyes!"), and even lets out an angry scream (just before slumping calmly back into his seat).

Concerns for Parents

  • Most parents will not find anything about the video objectionable. However, there are several "remixes" of the video that include swearing and profanity.
  • This video sparked some controversy. Some parents thought that posting the video online was in poor taste, since the boy is "under the influence." While the DeVores certainly didn't intend to exploit their son, some have said that the video is humiliating and cruel.
  • You may not object to anything in this video. However, your kids may stumble across other inappropriate videos as they go to YouTube to watch David After Dentist.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Be sure that you are watching the original video, not an altered version!
  • If you feel that your children shouldn't watch this video, be sure that YouTube is blocked on your home computer.
  • If you're concerned about your kids being exposed to bad material by merely using YouTube, Quietube is a great solution. Quietube allows you to watch YouTube videos on a clean white screen that's free from potentially inappropriate ads, video previews, and comments.

Where Can I Learn More?

This article outlines the controversy surrounding the video.

Read this article for a few words from the older David DeVore about the video (and its unexpected popularity).