What is DansGuardian?

DansGuardian is an open source content filtering system, developed by a team of programmers, SmoothWallLtd, with the main developer being Daniel Barron, for which the product was named. DansGuardian is a filtering program for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS-X, HP-UX and Solaris that uses Squid. DansGuardian is not for Microsoft users, a fact they explicitly state on the site - rather, DansGuardian is geared towards computer-savvy programmers who wish to use a filtering system that they, themselves, can tweak to their own preferences. Also, DansGuardian is a server based filtering program; while it can be adjusted for a PC-oriented filtering system, it works best through the server. 1 DansGuardian has a very strict license that dictates who must pay to download; if a user is downloading from the DansGuardian website for non-commercial use, then the product is free. Third party members, however, charging for installation, or users downloading for commercial use are charged a fee. 2 The prices start at $89, depending on the size of the server. 3


DansGuardian gives a long list of features to their product, specifying what exactly their system blocks. Some of these features include:

  • Can filter text and HTML for obscene content, meaning content that is racial, sexual, violent, etc.
  • Uses an advance phrase weighting system that can reduce under or over blocking.
  • Can work in a "whitelist" mode, where all sites except ones listed are blocked.
  • Can block or limit web uploading.
  • The filtering, in general, is much faster than other competitive products that appeal to the non-Microsoft community.
  • Can be installed easily because there is no third-party library requirements. 4


There are few reviews available for DansGuardian, but it is important to remember that this product is not aimed at the typical Windows user. Rather, this product is targeted towards a computer programmer, or other similarly tech-savvy user who understands coding.