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What is Cracked? is a humor website spun off from the discontinued Cracked magazine. It contains articles, videos, and edited photographs from a variety of sources, including featured editors, comedy troupes, and random users. Most articles are lists of humorous facts or observations, such as "6 Things Social Networking Sites Need to Stop Doing" or "6 Important Things You Didn't Know We're Running Out Of." 1

Concerns for parents

  • This site is mainly targeted at adult (18-34 year old) users.┬áMany articles contain adult content, such as sexual content, inappropriate language, and violence.
  • There is commenting allowed on the different articles. The comments may contain crude language and other offensive content.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • A parent can monitor a child's visits to the site to make sure they are only accessing appropriate content.
  • The site can be blocked to prevent access.