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The Internet Safety Project is dedicated to equipping parents, educators, and individuals everywhere with accessible solutions to the issues that arise when technology intersects with family life. Our mission is to empower through education, maximizing the positive aspects of cyber technology while protecting families from technology’s darker side.

Volunteer contributors are the lifeblood of any wiki project. We need people like you to help us create new articles and revise existing ones. With your help, we can expand and improve the Wiki and help it evolve into the information powerhouse we envision. By spending just a few minutes to research a topic and write a good article about it, you are making a difference and supporting a great cause.

So, how can you contribute? Here's a guide that should cover most of your questions. Contact us ([email protected]) if you still have unanswered questions.


Getting Started

Create an account

You need to create a username and login before you can write or edit Internet Safety Wiki articles.

1.) On the right side of the page you will see a "Log in" box.

2.) Click on the "Register" link.

3.) You can fill out the top form:

  • Create a username
  • Provide an email
  • Create/Confirm a password
  • Provide your name


Or use an account you already have. You can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Windows Live, or Yahoo!


4.) Either way, fill in the Captcha code and select Create New Account when you are done.

5.) Once your account is confirmed, you'll automatically be taken to the My Account page. Here you can fill in your Internet Safety Project profile (not all information is required).

If you have problems registering, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Check to see what's already been written

Start by searching the Wiki for anything that's already been written on your subject. There are lots of floating "orphan" articles that contain great information but just aren't connected to the pages they need to link with. Some articles may have a page, but could still use more material. 

Article Ideas

Not sure what to write about? No problem, we've already got a list of topics that need to be added to the Wiki as well as a list of topics that need more information added to them.

Ideas for New Articles

Instructional Pages

These instructional pages are here to help you as you write, edit, and format your articles. If there is something you are confused about that is not covered on this list, request it and we will get it up as soon as possible.

How to Create New Articles

How to Create a Citation

How to Add Images to Articles

How to Create Redirects

How to Format Text

How to Add Tags

How to link to articles within the Wiki

Tips for Writing a Good Wiki Article


Style Guide

The Internet Safety Project Style Guide is a resource for all writers and contributors, whether they need help understanding the big picture or refining small details. You can read the purpose of this Wiki or look up tricky spellings (Is it email or Email?).

The Internet Safety Project Style Guide

Wiki technical information

The wiki uses Drupal and the mediawiki_filter Drupal add-on module.