What is is a free online dating site for people that share Christian values. ChristianMingles offers email, chat rooms, message boards, and an instant messenger service. 1 The site also offers tips for succesful and safe Christian dating. 2 ChristianMingle's mission statement is quoted below: 3

ChristianMingle's mission is to serve as the premier online community for singles looking to date, make meaningful connections and marry within the Christian faith. Our deepest desire is to see our members grow in their relationship with Christ while living out their spiritual journeys.

ChristianMingle is continually committed to providing a destination filled with millions of Christian singles united in building a safe, clean, high quality community while bringing glory to Christ Jesus.

Concerns for Parents

  • Online dating seldom stays online: once two people have met on the web, it's natural for them to want to meet in real life. This can be extremely dangerous; there are many reported cases of sexual assault and date rape connected to the first meeting with a cyber boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Online dating encourages your child to divulge personal information over the web. Oversharing can put one at risk for identity theft and related security crimes.
  • Chat rooms and dating sites for teens are a resource used by many online predators. Predators know that a kid or teen in a "love" based chat room is more likely to be okay with sexual conversations, sending pictures, or posing in front of a webcam
  • It is easy to pretend to be someone else online. Many dating websites, including, do not conduct background checks on the members of their site. 4

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • The site requires users to be 18 or older but a user could potentially lie about their age. Talk to your child about your dating standards, and make them aware of the risks associated with online dating.