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Chocolate Rain

What is Chocolate Rain?

Chocolate Rain is a YouTube video of a grad student named Tay Zonday singing a song he wrote. Zonday stands by a microphone and sings into it, occasionally jerking away in an odd manner. He says he does this when he breathes in so that the breath is not picked up on the recording. The entire song is a repetition of the same keyboard-driven pattern, and the phrase "chocolate rain" is repeated 40 times in the short song. The video became wildly popular when it was posted in July of 2007. Three years later, it has been viewed over 53 million times.


Concerns for Parents

  • The lyrics are a bit cryptic and are open to many interpretations; most of them center around racism and social issues. This song and video may be strange, but most viewers will not find any part of it to be offensive.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Chocolate Rain is probably appropriate for viewers of all ages.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can view the lyrics to Chocolate Rain by clicking here.