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What is Candystand?

Candystand is currently one of the biggest casual gaming websites. Candystand was originally geared toward children, but it has shifted to host many games and time wasters for both kids and adults.

True to its name, Candystand's original games were based on types of candy, but today, this is becoming less and less the case. Most games hosted on the website relate to the application of real life skills, like practicing to become a babysitter.

Concerns for Children

  • As with any website, it is essential that children are monitored in their use of the website. While most games appear to be largely children friendly, Candystand does host games that may not be fully in accordance with parents' best interests for their children. For example, some games involve shooting.
  • The games based on candy may instill in children a greater desire to consume unhealthy foods.
  • It is rather simple to set up an account on this website. Parents should look out for children seeking to create an account and assist in the process.
  • Some games are based on poker. Should a parent be involved in similar games, he or she should consider logging out after each use. Otherwise, a child could start playing the game and potentially lose his parents' money.
  • The website also provides a platform for multiplayer games and online communication. Parents need to ensure that their children are being safe while playing on Candystand to make sure children are not in contact with strangers online.