BSecure Internet Filter 6.1

What is BSecure Internet Filter 6.1?


BSecure Internet Filter 6.1 is the basic content filter offered by BSecure Technologies, a company dedicated to creating content filters for families and small businesses. 1. BSecure Internet Filter 6.1 is the basic filter offered by BSecure, with its most recent update offering protection with the onset of cloud computing. BSecure Internet Filter 6.1 costs $49.95 per year for up to 3 computers. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. BSecure also has a product that is compatible with Mac OS X to compete with Apple's own parental controls; the Mac version of the product contains many of the same features. 2 BSecure also offers integration of iPad and iPhone browser protection for no extra charge. 3


  • Network FIltering: BSecure covers the entire network of a home, including any device that connects to the home network. This includes gaming consoles such as Wii and PS2, laptops - including Macs, and smartphones. BSecure is also compatible with all of the large search engines, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and YouTube.
  • Social Networking: BSecure offers a number of social networking controls. The filter shows which social networking sites are being used, reports any suspicious activity, and provides access for parents to log on to a child's account and see his/her activity. This covers Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, and more.
  • Online Media: BSecure offers filtering products for many online media sources, such as online movies, TV shows, and games based on MPAA and ESRB rating standards. BSecure also offers filtering for explicit music on iTunes.
  • Scheduling: BSecure allows for users to schedule the times of day in which Internet access is allowed, as well as the amount of time that can be spent online.
  • Reporting: BSecure has a number of reporting methods. They offer a browser control panel that allows for instant updates. They also offer PredAlert, which sends a text and email when something suspicious occurs. They also send graphical reports to parents that clearly depict the information, and is easily sorted.
  • Accountability Reporting: A tool for adults who wish to be accountable to an outside party in order to monitor their internet or pornography addiction. 4

Other Versions

BSecure offers multiple versions of their content filtering software:

  • BSecure 6.1 is not compatible with Macs, therefore BSecure has developed another set of Internet filters for the Mac operating system. BSecure for Mac has more limited features but is claimed to be more efficient than Apple's preset controls.
  • BSecure Internet Filter + Anti-Virus offers the same Internet filter options, but then adds a virus protector powered by the well known McAfee. There are also options to add anti-spyware as well.


PC MagWhile PC Magazine has given other versions of BSecure software negative reviews, the latest version of BSecure Internet Filter 6.16 received, over all, very positive reviews. They refer to this product as a total winner with unexpected features that enhance the overall performance and productivity. The full review states that this package contains the most comprehensive set of features. In general, PC Mag is a fan of the BSecure 6.16. 5

Top Consumer ReviewsBSecure received 4/5 stars on Top Consumer Reviews, yet their written review gave the product some of the highest praises, particularly lauding the support system and simple interface that the system uses. They also praise BSecures tamper proof reporting system with a variety of options for reporting. 6

Get Parental reviews the BSecure product and particularly praises it for its full like of features. The report was positive overall; however, the site did mention that BSecure can only block the proxy servers that it already knows, and therefore may be circumvented. 7