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Badger Badger Badger

What is Badger Badger Badger?

Badger Badger Badger is an internet fad Flash cartoon consisting of scenes of dancing badgers, a mushroom, and a snake. It is accompanied with music and a voice singing “Badger badger badger...” and “Mushroom” or “Snake.” The cartoon loops indefinitely. The cartoon was published February 14, 2003 and is now available at .

Concerns for Parents

  • This video clip doesn't contain any objectionable material. However, your kids may stumble upon other inappropriate videos on their way to watching this video online.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • A safe and fun way to enjoy wholesome online videos without running into bad ones is to let your kids visit the site only when you are at the computer with them. Watching funny videos together will prevent exposure to inappropriate content. Plus, it turns surfing the Web into a fun family activity.