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What is is a popular humor website, similar to College Humor. Its main content is comedy videos. Many of them are created and distributed by the site itself, while others are posted by users in order to compete in's Tournament (winners receive cash prizes along with possible distribution contracts for the winning videos).1 has been bought out by MTV and has since been renamed CC Studios.


The company was made in 1998 by Mika Salmi. It originally had short films and aminations. However, in 2006 MTV bought it with all of its parts, including AtomFilms, Addicting Games, and 2. It relaunched in 2008 as and switched its focus to comedy.

Concerns For Parents

  • Much of the language and humor on this site is inappropriate for kids and teens. 
  • A lot of scatological humor is used.
  • User-uploaded videos, animations, and Flash games provide no guarantee of clean content.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • can be blocked from your computer if you feel it is inappropriate for your children.