Accidental Billionaires

What is Accidental Billionaires?

Accidental Billionaires is a book by Ben Mezrich about the social networking website Facebook. It was the inspiration for the movie The Social Network.

The New York Times stated "The Accidental Billionaires is so obviously dramatized, and so clearly unreliable, that there’s no mistaking it for a serious document." They also mention that Mezrich had no access to Mark Zuckerberg when writing the book. [1] They were not the only review with this opinion. [2] The primary source for the book was Eduardo Sevrin, a cofounder of Facebook who later had a falling-out with Zuckerberg. [3] Mezrich acknowledges that some of his writing is fictional, but doesn't clearly separate fact from fiction in his book. [4]

Concerns for Parents

  • The book is written for an older audience.
  • It uses sex as a base for the storyline.
  • It is also hard to discern fact from fiction.