1000 Awesome Things

What is 1000 Awesome Things?

Started in 2008 when creator Neil Pasricha's life was not going as planned, 1000 Awesome Things is about rediscovering the simple, beautiful joys in life. Each weekday Pasricha posts a new awesome thing. From "finding money you didn't know you had lost" to "drinking from the hose," the blog gives a well-written, often humorous, tidbit of life's little pleasures.

The sites success has led to several bestseller books. 1 The Book of Awesome, The Book of Even More Awesome, and The Book of (Holiday) Awesome also feature more awesome things about life. An app has also been developed.

Concerns for Parents

  • While the overall theme and message of the website is uplifting, some comments and posts may be inappropriate for some children.
  • Some language may be mature in nature.
  • Also, be careful of other sites that link to the site. They may contain other unwanted content.

To Learn More

Check out this great TED Talk: Parischa: The 3 A's of Awesome.