#55: Internet Safety - Interview with Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

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What's on the Utah Attorney General's mind? Hear Mark Shurtleff's take on child pornography, internet crime, and internet safety. Attorney General Shurtleff graduated from Brigham Young University and the University Of Utah College of Law. He is the author of Am I Not a Man? The Dred Scott Story, a historical novel about the man behind the landmark legal case. In addition to his service as Utah Attorney General, Shurtleff has served in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps as an Officer and Attorney, as an Assistant Attorney General, as a Deputy County Attorney for Salt Lake County, as a Small Claims Judge Pro Tem in the Third District Court, and as a law enforcement and corrections instructor.


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This was a great podcast. Being a parent must be incredibly hard these days. My parents did a decent job raising me and my siblings, but sometimes I worry about my youngest sister. My parents are still quite technologically challenged. They have embraced good technology in their lives but I don't think they are taking the precautions necessary when it comes to protecting my youngest sister, as well as themselves, from the filth that so heavily populates the internet. I think all parents should be given some type of awareness class which instructs them, or gives them ideas on how to protect their families. Our 50 plus year old parents don't know what dangers are out there lurking to entrap their families, and they need to know how to protect against them. Anyways, I am going to suggest my parents take some time to listen to a select few podcasts which I hope will open their eyes to the many ways that Satan is trying to get into their home.
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These truths are very disturbing. I try to think that it won't be that bad for my family but that can not be the case. The crimes and ease of pornographic trouble is only increasing. I feel like I'm understanding of technology right now, but I'll have to be careful not to give my kids, when I have them, more then they can handle. I'll also have to understand future technologies that I could bring trouble to my unprepared children.