The Internet Safety Podcast

September 27, 2012
Dr. Charles Knutson and sound man Josh Eastman take a look at more cultural phenomena occurring on the internet that influence our world online and offline. They discuss topics such as internet-born... read more
July 31, 2012
Dr. Charles Knutson talks with John Shehan about problems facing today's children and parents, including how children can quickly become victims of internet predators if they and their parents are... read more
July 3, 2012
From lolcats to rickrolling to the Mcdonald’s rap, Dr. Charles Knutson discusses new cultural phenomena, or "memes", that come from the internet and impact our lives both on and off the web. The... read more
June 19, 2012
Can kids safely participate in social media? Dr. Charles Knutson talks with Mary Kay Hoal about, a social network designed exclusively for children. Mary Kay Hoal is an award winning... read more
May 10, 2012
Pornography is the new drug of the rising generation. Clay Olsen talks with Dr. Charles Knutson about the dangers of pornography addiction, and the work of a new non-profit organization, Fight the... read more
December 6, 2011
What's on the Utah Attorney General's mind? Hear Mark Shurtleff's take on child pornography, internet crime, and internet safety. Attorney General Shurtleff graduated from Brigham Young University... read more
November 8, 2011
What do parents need to know, and need to do, in order to stay relevant in their children's online lives? Dr. Charles Knutson and Parent eSource founder and CEO Amy Kelly discuss parenting across... read more
September 27, 2011
Can anyone under 30 be trusted? Dr. Charles Knutson and author Mark Bauerlein discuss technology's effect on the rising generation, for better or worse. Mark Bauerlein is a professor of English at... read more
September 10, 2011
Should schools restrict student speech on the Internet? Is student speech outside of the classroom subject to school rules when publicly posted? Dr. Charles Knutson and Judge Tom Jacobs discuss... read more
August 18, 2011
Dr. Charles Knutson adds commentary to his BYUtv interview on Insight with Jon Du Pre. To watch the original interview, visit BYUtv's website. Thanks to our musical guests Jake White and Michael... read more
August 8, 2011
Dr. Charles Knutson interviews Jesse Stay, author of Facebook Application Development for Dummies. They discuss the future of social integration and help you figure out whether or not you should... read more
July 28, 2011
Tagged in facebook, malware, Bue Coat
Dr. Knutson talks to Chris Larsen (Blue Coat)about malware networks, Facebook scams, and mal-vertising. We want to thank our musical guests Jake White and Michael Kelsey.