Twitter Finally Acknowledges Bug

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Have you ever followed someone on Twitter only to find their updates no longer showing up on your Twitter feed? Or perhaps your sister just messaged you asking why you stopped following her on Twitter, when you never would miss a thing she posted. Seems strange? Well, you're not alone. This week, Twitter finally acknowledged a bug that has been around for awhile. The now infamous bug has been messing with a large number of Twitter accounts, making users think they are unfollowing previously followed profiles. However, the problem can be resolved by checking the actual profiles: "A person you've recently followed shows in your following tab, but appears with a follow icon so it looks like you're not following them, as shown in the image below. Visit their profile if you'd like to confirm you're following them." While this process is annoying for almost everyone, Twitter has finally acknowledged that there is a problem. However, they have not discussed what the problem is, how they plan on fixing it, or when it will be fixed. Users eagerly await more information. To cope with the Twitter bug, follow the link below for tips.