Teen's Facebook Posting Gets Her Mom's House Robbed

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If your Facebook profile is set to public, you may want to consider changing your privacy settings. Daily Telegraph's Clementine Quero reports a 17-year-old was helping her 72-year-old grandma count her savings when she decided to snap a photo of some wads of cash and post it to Facebook. It wasn't long after that two men armed with a wooden club and knives broke into the teen's mother's house, demanding to know about the money. The guys made off with some personal items, but thankfully no one was hurt.


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People need to have common sense. On Facebook, you are posting to the world. Even if you post a photo to a private group of friends--the data is there to be shared to the world. One does not have control of what how another Facebook "friend" shares the data shared with them.
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we all are friends.