Teen's Facebook Posting Gets Her Mom's House Robbed

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If your Facebook profile is set to public, you may want to consider changing your privacy settings. Daily Telegraph's Clementine Quero reports a 17-year-old was helping her 72-year-old grandma count her savings when she decided to snap a photo of some wads of cash and post it to Facebook. It wasn't long after that two men armed with a wooden club and knives broke into the teen's mother's house, demanding to know about the money. The guys made off with some personal items, but thankfully no one was hurt.


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People need to have common sense. On Facebook, you are posting to the world. Even if you post a photo to a private group of friends--the data is there to be shared to the world. One does not have control of what how another Facebook "friend" shares the data shared with them.
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we all are friends.
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It shocks me how often people post content like this on social media sites. We really need to be mindful of the content we are posting. People need to realize that once something is posted online that it is there forever. If people were more educated about the internet and other various technologies they might be more careful about what they post online. A recent example of this lack of knowledge of how technology works was made evident by smartphone camera meta-data. Whenever a digital picture is taken with a smartphone or other similar device there is location meta-data stored with the image detailing the geo-location of where the picture was taken. As we post images of our family and loved ones on social media the location data associated with the photo is available for all to see. Because of this we need to be careful what we post because it may tell others a lot more about ourselves than we intended. I'm not saying that its bad to post content to social media however, I do wish that people would be a little smarter with their content choices.
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Just because you have the ability to post does not mean that your should. We may have spent a century perfecting the brain-mouth filter (well...maybe) but we now have to spend the next century perfecting the brain-finger filter. I guess that we will just have t be patient with all the stupid things that people post online.