Protect Your Online Privacy Now

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The Federal Trade Commission just announced their recommended best practices for better online safety. The FTC is hoping to turn these practices into laws by the end of the year in order to better protect citizens from the exploitation by online businesses. While government support is not yet known for these practices, the FTC's top hoped for future laws include: 1. A universal "Do Not Track" tool that users could activate to prevent websites from recording online activities and then using their information for targeted advertising. Companies would be required to comply with the Do Not Track tool, and users would only need to agree to the tool once in order to stay protected permanently. 2. Standard disclosures for mobile apps so users do not download apps that take information without user knowledge. Only a few weeks ago, Apple was in trouble for apps taking contact information without user knowledge. With a standard disclosure, apps would be required to inform the user exactly what information they take, keeping the user more informed. 3. A website that would identify companies called data brokers, that take information about users and then sell that information to advertisers. This site would allow users to see the information gathered about them and who uses it. The FTC has a lot of other goals, including setting uniform privacy standards for big companies like Google and Facebook, and enforce industry codes of conduct, but these are less likely to be put into law than the first three listed. What do you think? Are you in favor of the FTC's hopes for future privacy laws or do you think the government should stay out of the online world?


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I recommend checking out Privacyfix. It walks you through how to protect your privacy when it comes to Facebook, Google, online advertising, etc. It also has some fun features, such as about how much Google makes on you in a year. Pretty interesting and very usable!