Pinterest Scams on the Rise

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We've already mentioned in earlier posts about the latest Pinterest phishing scams, but it appears that scams on Pinterest have increased even in the short time since. Now, users are asking why. Pinterest is the most recent social network to rise up online. The sheer novelty of the site is one fact that makes it susceptible to attacks by spammers. This newness gives users a false sense of security, as they figure that if others join Pinterest, it must be safe. However, with the overload of new users and traffic, Pinterest has greater difficulty combating spam pins and posts. Additionally, the very nature of Pinterest makes it harder to distinguish between spam pins and regular pins; because, Pinterest is by nature a way to click traffic through, users only need to follow a pin to be led into a trap. As you explore this social media phenomenon, make sure to proceed with caution through pins. Watch out for too-good-to be true offers, and follow the link below to find out more details about how Pinterest scams work.


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I didn't realize Pinterest was a place to shop. I would avoid any purchasing on Pinterest until they have better protection.