Mac Malware Throws Users Off With Fake PDF

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Consumers have, for many years, considered malware on Windows' operating systems to be an accepted threat of the product. Mac users, however, are usually less concerned with malware; many believe that Macs are less susceptible to malware simply because Apple used to hold a smaller market share, so attacks were less profitable for malware producers. However, as Macs have grown in popularity and Apple has taken a larger portion of the PC market, malware specifically designed for the Mac OS has become more common. The most recent attack designed for OS X is a trojan virus hidden in the user's system that threatens to steal user's personal information and files and send them to a remote location using a program that opens a backdoor to a user's computer. What makes this particular piece of malware all the more dangerous is that it uses a PDF file to cover the program's activities. While the program is running, a PDF file appears, written in Chinese, containing political commentary so the user is distracted trying to remove the PDF rather than addressing the real program being downloaded. The malware seems to be in beta form, as testers have found that most of the processes do not function as the authors originally intended. However, it is clear that the authors intended their program as malware aimed at Mac users. All users should be aware of constant malware threats, and not trust any file, even the usually trusted PDF file, that is spontaneously downloaded. Keep your information and PC safe.