Facebook Photos Don't Delete

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You really regret posting that picture on Facebook. What if your mom sees it? What if a future employer sees the picture and thinks you're irresponsible, costing you a job? Time to delete the picture, and that will solve the problem. Right? Not so fast. In 2009, technical publication ArsTechnica questioned why photos that had been supposedly deleted from Facebook could still be accessed by direct links. In 2012, three years later, they are still asking the same question. While the option to delete photos comforts many Facebook users, ArsTechnica has discovered that photos they deleted in 2009 are still in existence. When questioned, Facebook admitted that they have had problems with the old system not deleting photos in total for months, even years after the user has deleted the picture. Rather, the user has found that through direct links, the pictures are still available. Facebook has explained that their new system, scheduled to come out in the next few months, will completely delete photos in 45 days, but many doubt the social networking giant's credibility. For now, the best method to making sure embarrassing photos don't hang around is to make sure they aren't posted to begin with.