The Facebook Killer, Accidental Transfers, and Other Lies the Internet Told You This Weekend

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If you are just getting back into your email and surfing the Internet after a nice, relaxing weekend, here are some things to watch out for this week:

Magic Money in your Bank Account. One of the latest banking scams plants malware in your computer. When you log on the malware will give you a fake message saying money has accidentally been transferred to your account and everything will stay frozen until you transfer it back. Sadly if you do choose to transfer it you will only transfer your real money into a criminal's account.

The Facebook Killer. The Facebook Killer is not a real criminal (or a Lifetime movie, as Helen A.S. Popkin points out). It's simply another Facebook survey scam. Do yourself a favor and avoid any links associated with this (even if they look like they come from legitimate news sources like CNN).

Hotel Transactions Gone Awry. One of the latest email scams floating around is a message telling you your credit card has been accidentally charged by a hotel. The scammers then try to get you to fill out a form in order to fix this error. Opening the form (which is an attachment to the email) actually installs scareware (fake antivirus software) on your computer.

Quick Money. Many twitter users recently had direct messages sent to their accounts which promised quick money and miraculous wealth (all while working from home!). The links lead to a very convincing website, however we doubt this would be a solid investment.