Apple Foreign Supplier Report Comes Back in the Negative

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Since the new year, Apple has fallen under a lot of scrutiny after media accused Apple of neglecting their foreign plants in China where the iPods, IPads, and iPhones are made. The company running Apple's plant is Foxconn, who has been under condemnation before for poor treatment of workers in previous years. The Fair Labor Association was called in, by Apple, to analyze the situation. After a month of investigation, the FLA has come back with a report, and things aren't looking too great. The FLA report stated that working conditions were, in fact, very poor. Workers are being overwhelmed, "During peak production, the average number of hours worked per week at Foxconn factories exceeded both the FLA Code standard and Chinese legal limits." The Chinese limits are from 56-60 hours a week, while most workers were logging between 60-70 hours a week. Additionally, laborers do not trust the safety and health conditions of the environment, with many laborers, namely migrant workers and interns, also unable to claim health insurance. In response to the report, Apple says it will ensure overseas employees will have improved working conditions. There are some who doubt the enormous company, but what do you think? Will Apple carry through on it's promises after this negative report, or will they sweep it under the rug?