Android Apperhand Malware or Adware

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Recently, Symantec announced that a number of Android devices have been infected with a certain kind of malware known as "Counterclank." Similar to past malware, this product is transferred through a package called "Apperhand." This bot-like program can carry out certain commands and steal information. Some security companies, however, contradict Symantec in its calling Apperhand a malware program. Rather, others label it as adware, calling it a Pup (Potentially Unwanted Program), not inherently intended to steal information, but still a breach of privacy. The fears that this program could be malware stems from the particular vulnerability of the Android market given that Android apps can be distributed from any network. So, whether Apperhand is malware or not, be aware of what you download on your android, because adware or malware is not something you want on your phone.