Internet Safety Project Articles

By Bernell L. Christensen on December 20, 2010
After decades of helping individuals work through their addiction to pornography, I’m still amazed by the consistency of the responses I see in both the addict and those who care about him or her.... read more
By Lori Getz on December 13, 2010
Recently, the New York Times published “Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction” as part of its “Your Brain on Computers” series. This article describes the physical changes in the way we process... read more
By Teri Schroeder on December 6, 2010
There is some disagreement in schools across the country related to the popular video website, YouTube: is it popular new technology that should be embraced or is it unregulated video anarchy that... read more
By Edward Castronova on November 29, 2010
Recently, a book appeared for sale on (since removed -click here to read article) that offers readers a guide to sex between men and young boys. In some virtual worlds, it is possible to... read more
By Chris Larsen on November 22, 2010
In the “way old days,” malware usually arrived on our home computers via an infected floppy disk — and we all learned to be paranoid about checking the floppy drive for stray diskettes before booting... read more
By Judge Tom Jacobs on November 15, 2010
After 23 years in juvenile court, I believe that teenagers learn from the experiences of their peers, not just from being lectured by those in authority.  This holds true in cyberspace particularly... read more
By Mark Kastleman on November 8, 2010
The mountains of clinical data and visual evidence as millions continue their out-of-control porn use despite consequences of divorce, loss of employment, destroyed reputations, prison time, etc.,... read more
By Ken Shallcross on November 1, 2010
Internet safety is a hot topic for families in the twenty-first century. Internet predators and cyberbullying have repeatedly placed in the list of Top 10 Parenting Concerns – and rightly so; these... read more
By Charles Knutson on October 21, 2010
Welcome to the new portal site for the Internet Safety Project! This is my chance to throw out the ceremonial first blog post. As you’ll see over time, we have a great line-up of guest bloggers... read more
By Charles Knutson on September 20, 2007
Welcome! You've reached the home of The Internet Safety Podcast!Our inaugural podcast will be available at this site in October 2007. You'll also be able to access regular podcasts through iTunes and... read more