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Suite 101

What is Suite 101?

Suite 101 is a large site of user-generated informative articles (a "content farm," so to speak). The site pays freelance writers to write "101" or introductory-level articles about the sites 3000 topic areas. Suite 101 encourages ordinary people to write about topics they love and have interest in. The site also has a staff of experts and professional writers who create content for the site. 1

Concerns for Parents

  • It's possible that your child will find objectionable information on this site, but it's more likely that what your child finds will be incorrect or insufficiently researched. While group knowledge is awesome, it's also important to remember that articles written by the average Joe aren't 100 percent infallible.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Teach your children that everything found on the Internet isn't necessarily true. Make sure they know that it's important to find the same information in multiple documented and cited places before accepting it as fact or truth.

Where Can I Learn More?

Like many content farms, Suite 101 seems much more focused on telling you how to write and make money than it is on saying their content is good. Here's one of dozens of articles on how to make money off of Suite 101.